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Being an artist with a lifelong passion for drawing, painting and creating.

Since her early years, art has been her escape and her way of expressing herself. Although her responsibilities with multiple other businesses have prevented her from dedicating herself to art full time, Séverine Rigaud, Artist and Owner of ELIKYA, always finds moments to immerse herself in painting, whether it’s late at night or on a rainy day.

Her vision extends beyond her personal artistic pursuits. Séverine dreams of creating beautiful and unique fashion collections that can be showcased in local fashion shows, designed by up-and-coming local designers. This initiative is not just about fashion; it’s about providing a platform for people like her—immigrants with unique perspectives on life—to share art through fashion.

She has often heard from fellow foreign artists about the challenges they face in gaining recognition in the US market. Language barriers and lack of connections can make it incredibly difficult to break through. Her goal is to address these challenges by launching a project that starts with her own art and demonstrates the potential of this concept.

The process involves taking original pieces of art, scanning them at high resolution, and reprinting them using sublimation on fabric. These reprinted materials will be provided to local clothing designers who will use them to create unique clothing collections. These collections will then be showcased in local fashion shows.

This project aims to not only highlight the beauty of original art in a new medium but also to support and promote local designers and immigrant artists. 

By creating a collaborative space where art meets fashion, we can help talented individuals gain the recognition they deserve and share their unique stories and perspectives with a broader audience.

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