How To Manage Your Social Media Accounts
Like A Pro

In today’s digital landscape, most brands have a website, and a Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the list goes on…


The problem is that having multiple social media accounts to manage and update frequently can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re running a one-person brand or a small business.


Below, we’ll go over the essential tips for managing multiple social media accounts like a pro!

Quality Above Everything

Having a steady stream of content is excellent, but it’s not going to do your brand any good if you only have a few boring posts filled with inaccurate facts. You want to be sure you’re posting material that can be re-shared and distributed to peers across your industry as much as possible.


Therefore, create content with quality and longevity in mind, rather than the type of content that trends for a week and then vanishes. In other words, make sure to create social content that’s engaging, informative, and shareable. Then, with any luck, your posts will be going viral in no time!

Keep Up With The Trends

Social media is all about what’s going on RIGHT NOW, at this very moment.


Therefore, it’s crucial to rely on current and up-to-date information to establish the current trends and what is and what isn’t working for other brands. As a post’s organic reach continues to decline over time, it can be challenging to gain new exposure.


Repurposing or reposting social content several times is one of the best tricks for continually pushing out content and increasing engagement as much as possible. Another helpful tip is to remain on top of demand by keeping an eye on your industry’s hottest topics and then creating content based on that.

Be A Real Person!

Even if you don’t know the guy, you have a stronger inclination to follow “actual people” accounts rather than companies that sound as if a robot manages them. Therefore, it’s best to manage your account in the style of a human being rather than being the entire business’s voice.


Also, keep in mind that emoji-heavy posts get more engagement. And similarly, image-based posts get the most exposure. It’s also a good idea to interact and engage with people as much as possible through your accounts.


What goes around comes around: once you interact with someone, they are more likely to interact back with you. Don’t forget to create a brand logo and business cards that you can use to spread the word about your social accounts!

What Should You Post?

Deciding what type of content to post is often one of the most challenging obstacles you’ll face when managing your social media. Social network monitoring applications like Buzzsumo can help with this by sending you updates when a keyword you specify is mentioned online.


This can help you know what’s currently trending, which will enable you to post content that is almost guaranteed to get the attention you’re after!

Scheduling Tools

Posting social content consistently is one of the best ways to get good engagement levels from your followers. However, posting to 4 or 5 accounts every day can be nearly impossible.


So to give the appearance that you are this dedicated, you can use scheduling tools like Buffer. The ability to auto-schedule posts when your account is most likely to see high interaction and engagement levels is the most helpful feature of these tools.

Social Media Analytics

Suppose you want to run effective social media campaigns. In that case, you’re going to need to know as much as possible about your target audience and whether or not your social content is getting the kind of engagement that you expect. You can gain this invaluable knowledge by regularly digging into your social media account’s analytics.


After all, if you don’t look at the numbers, how can you know how many people see and interact with your posts? In other words, when it comes to social media management, it’s best to keep an eye on post-interaction and URL clicks since your mission is to grow and engage your audience as much as possible.


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